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 Having a lagging problem.

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PostSubject: Re: Having a lagging problem.   Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:20 am

batnana wrote:
Hey, lately i've been lagging like HELL in one of my characters, but only in one character.

I opened another character (same account) and it didnt lag.
WTF? second time its happening to me and I dont know what to do.

It already happened to me, before the first server wipeoff.
I gave Oesima my account and she said its my problem, and Yahoo also said so.

Why my main character always gets bugged?
please help!

Ive seen many char bugs in my life
But never seen this one
U said your not lagging on a different char
Maybe make a new one??
Always better then lagg O-o
Sorry that i cant help at all
When i went on your account i wasnt laggy at all..
So i dont know whats wrong with it
Hope it gets fixed soon
xx Lexii
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Having a lagging problem.
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