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 Awesome Helper

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PostSubject: Awesome Helper   Mon May 31, 2010 12:09 am

I'd like to be a helper in IdyllicForums and in-game. By this I mean that I would like for Gabe to consider me being a Forum "Checker". What I'd do is check about 5-30 topics every day and check topics with links to see if they lead to any spyware/virus/etc. or if they give something like vote points to one person.

*Link Removed*

I would do a lot to keep the Forums clean and safe, so that every new person that comes and joins Idyllicstory, which I've noticed a lot of people have, and that they would have a good experience. If you want proof that it's possible for me to help the Forums, just follow the link>>(link removed for safety). I can tell the Admins about these kind of things so that the coders or even Gabe can prevent people from breaching IdyllicStory.

List of things I've done so far:
Tell Gabe his IP is very visible to everyone. (Now fixed)
Find many websites and programs that can harm IdyllicStory. (Done)
Find out how to insert something to prevent hacks in server (Pending)
Catch a couple hackers and take screenshots (Done)

I hope to accomplish many more things, and try to continue helping the Forums and Server stay protected. I created a list of websites that contain programs to hack and destroy servers, so if Gabe wants to see it, just tell me.
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Awesome Helper
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