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 Rebecaa's Shopping List

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PostSubject: Rebecaa's Shopping List   Thu May 03, 2012 6:47 pm

Rebecaa's Buying List:

Vote Points (regular)

Buying all vote points for 1.1b each.

Purple Tetris

B> 15 purple tetris for 80 leaves.
B> 1 piece for 5 leaves each.

Birthday Candle (From Big Puff Daddy)

Buying 360 Candles: 20 Candles for 1b each.

Maple Golden Leaf

l Maple golden leaf for 2 leaves each.
Bought 5 from !*Elise*!

Event Tickets

B> all event tickets for 3 leaves each.

Adding more to my shopping list soon ~

[wow]Interested sellers, kindly post the item that you are selling below, or approach Rebecaa, in game. [/wow]

Note: 1 Maple leaf is equivalent to 1b (as off current IdyllicStory Currency Exchange)
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Rebecaa's Shopping List
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