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 Coder Application Format

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PostSubject: Coder Application Format   Wed Feb 09, 2011 8:46 pm

RULES! Read before making a app!
- Atleast play 1 week before making an app
- Dont advertise your coder app to GM's or the owner
- You have to know how to code
- Dont make a coder app when your already GM in another server
- When you suddenly go active for a reason post the reason on ur coder app
- Make sure to use the IdyllicStory format
- Your grammar must be readable
- Dont ask/beg for a coder spot
- Be active in game

Name :

Age :

Time Zone :

Email :


How long you play per day :

Why do you want to be a coder for IdyllicStory :

Coding experience :

What you can code :

What you are best at coding :

Other servers you have coded for :

Why should we choose you, and not someone else :

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Coder Application Format
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