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 VastroLord GM APP

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PostSubject: VastroLord GM APP   Mon Oct 17, 2011 6:05 pm

Name :Robert

Age :23 soon to be 24

Time Zone :eastern


IGN : VastroLord

How long you have played IdyllicStory :about 3 months now give or take a few days

How long you play IdyllicStory per day :as much as i can mon to fri usually about 8 or 9 hrs as i go to college and mostly all day on weekends

How long you have played GMS :well i have played the gms for about 6 1/2 years but got tired of the comunity and constant people that would ks and hack so i switched over to privet servers

Why you want to be a GM :i would like to be a gm because i have never been a gm in any game before and believe it would be great to learn to be a gm and help the community grow and continue to help out its members

What you will do as a GM :as a gm i would host events, help anyone that needs help and if needed ban hackers

How you can help the server as a GM :as a gm i can help the server by helping the other gms and staff with problems they are having that i may or maynot know the answer too also i can do the same for the rest of the players in the server as well as help the comunity grow

What makes you stand out :what makes me stand out is im very friendly allways willing to help others and i love to be unique

What commands you will mainly use as a gm :the main commands i would use that i know of are !event, !say, !warp, and prob wont have to use these but just incase !jail and !ban

Have you been GM before (Proof): no i have not but i would love to learn i am a very fast learner

Are you able to follow all the GM rules that IdyllicStory has and are you mentally and emotionally strong enough to handle the strictness and meanness of the owner?
Yes i can follow all the rules and yes i can handle the strictness and meanness of the owner i was raised in strict family so im pretty sure i can handle it lol Smile

Will you quit this server if your application is denied? Be honest, this won't hold this against you.
Hell no i love this server way too much to leave its by far the best ive seen and thats my honest answer
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PostSubject: Re: VastroLord GM APP   Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:06 am


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VastroLord GM APP
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