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 Luke's Gm App

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PostSubject: Luke's Gm App   Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:04 am

Name: Luke Maxwell.

Age: 13, almost 14.

Time Zone: Pacific, West Coast.

Email: Lukemaxwe11-at-yahoo, and no I didn't just make this for idyllic I've had it for 5 years and I check it daily.

IGN: Luke, omg no way :0...on the old idyllic with Gabe it was Maxwell hint hint^^.

Username: Lukemax1 on the forums, Lukemax on Idyllic

How long have you played IdyllicStory: Somewhere between one year and a half - two years I can't remember.

How long you play IdyllicStory per day: It really depends but I mostly play late at night because schools coming around the corner and I won’t have much time in the daytime on weekdays. Probably, weekends: 7 hours. Weekdays: 5 hours. Ya, I know I'm a loser

How long you have played GMS: Well I've been playing GMS for about 5 years, but about 1 year ago I quit because I found out about all these lame jobs coming out and it has just ruined the good maple it used to be, so I switched to private servers, and then I found Idyllic and I've loved it ever since. Well of course until Gabe shut it down, but no worries Lexii has brought it back.

Why you want to be a GM: Well there are lots of reasons I want the spot. Mainly because in the past week or so my account has been bugged several times, and if I get the position as GM I will be able to do something about that so other people don't have to suffer like I had to. Also I've been seeing a good amount of dc hackers and it's really making me mad how everyone in Idyllic has to put up with these jerks. Another reason I want the spot is because I often see new people to the server that are in need of help and I try to help as much as I can but sometimes being a regular player limits you to the things you are capable of, as were if I were a GM I'd be able to world trip stuck characters, ban hackers, stop ksers, bullying, etc. Another reason is that not all the GM's are in the same time zone so I can help people that are in myn. Finally, I want to be a GM on IdyllicStory because in the years I've been playing private servers I have run across a lot of worthless ones and Idyllic is the only one I have ever loved so I'd like to take charge in Idyllic and be a GM.

What you will do as a GM: As a GM I will try my best to find any kind of hacker and ban them, unless of course I don't have worthy proof then I'd consult Lexii before banning. I'd also want to help all newcomers out with whatever they need. Now I will host events but I'm not going to spam them like some people. I will also always try to cheer people up if they're feeling down about something, also sometimes in Fm it's pretty boring so I will light it up a little bit if needed

How you can help the server as a GM: For starters I'm definitely going to make YouTube videos for Idyllic and MMV's if you guy's want (feel free to leave some song name's you like down below). Also I can't stress enough how much I hate hackers so I will ban anyone I see hacking. I know I'm not very active on the forums right now but I'm going to start scanning it for new posts and such. I have already recruited a lot of my friend’s in real life and I'll keep recruiting as I go into high school . I give a good name to Idyllic, like when I ever go on GMS I pretty much tell everyone about THE BEST V62 PRIVATE SERVER EVER .

What make's you stand out: Well I've been called a lot of things in my life but not all of them are bad XD. Some things that make me shine are I tend to have different personalities at times, sometimes I'm hotheaded and at others I'm calm as a cucumber. I'm generally a nice guy (I hope) unless people be an asshole to me or my friends, then I get pissed. Some people call me nocturnal since I stay up all night with my friends a lot, and I'm mostly on Idyllic early in the morning, and no I didn’t wake up early haha. You might notice that I say "wait" and "like" a lot, you'll get used to it don't worry. I’m not sure if this makes me stand out but it's just a little bit about me: Well I like to dirt bike, I ride a YZ125 if any of you know what that is, I also play a variety of video games, like all the Call of Duty games BTW I can't wait for Modern Warfare 3 (and no I didn't forget about Battle Field 3 ) I also play lots of other games on my PS3 that a lot of you wouldn’t know about so I'm not going to bother saying them, If you have a PS3 feel free to add me my PSN is "BassControl". I also like to hang out with my friends and play Idyllic of course. I like to listen to rock, rap, and techno a lot, but not dubstep...its gone downhill.

What commands you will mainly use as a GM:

Have you been GM before (proof): Yes I have three times: First on this kids server I knew from my school he made one but it sucked. Also on SnailMS a very long time ago. And I'm currently a GM on StaffStory which is my friend’s server in real life, I barley log in on it, but if I get the GM spot on Idyllic I will quit Staff completely since It's not very public.

Will you quit this server if your application is denied? Be honest, this won't hold against you.Look I'm not going to be one of those kiss ups that say: "omg no omg I can’t quit ily so much lexii lemme suck ur dick (sorry lexii)" But I might quit after a while if I don't get the position because I've played for so long and I don't want to keep training, it gets boring. Again I won’t quit right away but maybe after a couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading my App guys. afro Sorry I just had to
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PostSubject: Re: Luke's Gm App   Mon Aug 15, 2011 11:30 am

This is looking good, it is nice that you are honest. I wish you good luck and I hope even if you don't get accepted you will be with us for a long time.

Quote :
if I were a GM I'd be able to world trip stuck characters
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PostSubject: Re: Luke's Gm App   Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:06 pm

Thx Korg, and If I do quit it definetley won't be for a while
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PostSubject: Re: Luke's Gm App   Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:42 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Luke's Gm App   

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Luke's Gm App
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