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 Brandon's coder app <3

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PostSubject: Brandon's coder app <3   Sun Jul 10, 2011 3:28 am

Name : Brandon Smile

Age : 14 - don't take that in the wrong way, had much experience.

Time Zone : Eastern Time Zone

Email : [Yes, I have MSN.]

IGN : Brandahhnn.

How long you play per day : Roughly 4 hours, or so.

Why do you want to be a coder for IdyllicStory : Eh, I've ran a RuneScape Private Server (No troll<3), reached well over 150+ with the coding I done for the server. Resigned from the dev team due to inactivity and lost interest quick.

Coding experience : Well, I've created/released some of the most advanced gameframes in the RuneScape Private Server history. I've kept it updated, following directly behind the steps of Jagex, creators of the game, as I can obfuscate from the game (e.g Ripping materials from the game) with a Java Decoder, recently finding out that MapleStory (IdyllicStory) was written in Java, I think I could continue this thing further.

What you can code :
I've created the most advanced Event Task Managers, which reduces lag and keeps the server stable a good 10 times longer. As said up there, I can rip material from the game, maybe not the NEWEST of the NEW due to being charged, as it's in the Terms of Service, the old material you're able to rip. We just can't follow TOO close to their updates. Maybe stay a month or so behind. Been through it before, it's not cool.

What you are best at coding :
Event Task Managers, Gameframes, and all the above. I don't really do REAL stuff that you'd think of, (e.g adding quests/minigames), I do more stuff as in keeping servers stable and keeping up with the latest gaming to keep it best for the players.

Other servers you have coded for :
Just starting on MapleStory servers, but I looked through a source file and it's honestly not even nearly different than a RSPS.

Why should we choose you, and not someone else :
Eh. I don't think anyone can create Event Managers as I, as I'm the only one that does so and I have GREAT reputation in RSPS communities for releasing/creating them. It cuts some of the pointless lag, crashes things in the server not being used (say someone's not using a minigame, it'll stop running it unless someone steps in the coords) which reduces lag.

- If you don't believe me, I could show you. (;
Although I can't say I can be active more than a few hours a day, I can make something worth it. If you want to get rid of this trashy phpBB, and get some vBulletin. I can get you that too, as I have multiple vB licenses. I can show proof of the customer ID's, so your site will never go down due to it being a nulled/hacked vB from piracy.
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PostSubject: Re: Brandon's coder app <3   Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:11 am

Not following the rules
Atleast play 1 week before applying
If your not even able to follow these simple rules then i doubt that your able to be a coder here

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Brandon's coder app <3
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