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 How to donate?

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PostSubject: How to donate?   Tue May 24, 2011 10:09 pm

Hello Idyllic players, im going to teach you guys how to donate
First go to and read all the information about it
When your done go to and log in or register if you dont have a account yet
After youve logged in it will bring you to your account, press on send money to continue
It takes you to a place where you can send money to someone else his paypal account
Step 1 : Fill the IdyllicStory's paypal email (
Step 2 : Fill the amount and make sure you donate as USD
Step 3 : To who or what your giving money (Just do goods)
Step 4 : Press continue to continue (:
The rest you have to fill out for yourself
After you donated send a email to : with the following questions :
Your Character Name:
Your PayPal Email:
The Amount you Donated:
Donation Package:

That was all and thanks for considering donating to IdyllicStory ;)

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How to donate?
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