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 All the player commands!

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PostSubject: All the player commands!   Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:28 pm

Player commands :

@str (Number) : To set your stats to STR
@dex (Number) : To set your stats to DEX
@int (Number) : To set your stats to INT
@luk (Number) : To set your stats to LUK
@mp (Number) : To set your stats to MP (Bugged, dont try)
@hp (Number) : To set your stats to HP (Bugged, dont try)
@koolaid : To get a slime eraser, cost 50 million mesos each
@checkstats : To check your stats
@commands : To check all the commands online
@save : To save yourself
@expfix : To fix your bugged exp
@go : To go places, example @go henesys
@togglesmega : So you wont see any smegas
@monsterpoints : To check your monsterpoints
@info : To check your information
@dispose : To Dispose yourself
@rank : To check the top 10 players
@revive (Name) : To revive a player, cost 50 million mesos
@banme : To make a ban message pop up
@clan : To join a clan
@goafk : Makes a AFK chalkboard pop up
@onlinetime (Name) : Shows the online time
@emo : To kill yourself
@rebirth : To rebirth when your level 200
@leaf : Gives you a maple leaf for 1 billion mesos
@kin : Opens KIN for males
@nimakin : Opens NimaKIN for females
@reward : Opens a reward shop
@reward1 : Opens a reward shop
@cody : Opens the job changer NPC
@spinel : Opens travel NPC
@afk (Name) : Shows how long a player has been AFK
@achievements : Shows all the achievements that you achieve,
@boyhair : Opens KIN
@girlhair : Opens NimaKIN
@allnpc : Opens the Free Market NPC
@fmnpc : Opens the Free Market NPC
@help : Shows all the commands online
@shop : Opens the all in one shop
@accept : Accept a relationship request
@relationship (Name) : Gives you a relationship with someone
@getrelationship (Name) : Shows if the person is already in a relationship and with who
@breakup : To break up, partner has to be online
@leaverelationship : Makes you leave the relationship, partner doesnt have to be online
@spousechat : To talk with your partner
@decline : To deny ur relationship request
@territory : To open the territory NPC
@dropgame : To open the dropgame NPC
@dg : To open the dropgame NPC
@autojob : Makes the autojob NPC pop up when you turn level 10+
@snowball : To join the snowball event
@vote : Vote information
@donate : You can donate 15 Maple Leafs for a small player event
@faq : Opens a small FAQ NPC
@flaginfo : Shows you the information about flag game
@removeclones : To remove your clones
@cloneme 1 or 2 : Adds clones, cost 5 million mesos
@news : Shows the IdyllicStory news
@partyfix : Quits your party
@gmlist : Shows all the server GMs
@rates : Shows the server rates
@clearitems : Clears the items, only in FM 6 and BossHunter PQ
@addbuddyroom : Changes your buddy room to 100
@unstuck : Unstucks
@changegender : To change ur gender
@joinevent : To join a event when a GM hosts one
@rbranking : Shows the top 10 rebirth rank
@pvpranking : Shows the top 10 PVP rank
@killranking : Shows the top 10 kill rank
@bossranking : Shows the top 10 boss rank
@wzedits : Brings you to FM 12, rare nx room
@godmode : Makes you not lose HP or MP when you get hit, cost 100 million mesos
@multiplyme : Doubles your meso drop, cost 50 million mesos
@monsterkills : Shows how much monster youve killed
@redmessage : Makes you talk to your family (Red)
@bluemessage : Makes you talk to your family (Blue)
@bosscounter : Shows your boss counter
@fm : Warps you to FM
@goals : Shows you all your goals, you can get 38 goals
@votetest : Yee Very Happy
@beta : Gives you the beta mask
@token : Gives you a token for the donation NPC (Must be a donator), cost 50 million mesos
@checkexp (Name) : Shows how much EXP people have
@president : To become president of your channel
@presinfo : Tells you the president information

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PostSubject: Re: All the player commands!   Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:58 pm

crap we have that many? o_O
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All the player commands!
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