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 Event Rule Book

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PostSubject: Event Rule Book    Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:07 pm

This is a rough guide on how you play these events .
This will save time for the host to explain .
The host may not choose to host it in this standard way .

Jump Quests
- Objective is to be the first to reach the top
- When there are mobs , do NOT use Barrel skill
- Do NOT kill those mobs if any
- When there's laps , reach the top the number of times told by host

Hide and Seek :
- Objective is to be the first to find the host
- If player host , do NOT warp to him/her
- Do NOT /find him/her either

Trivia :
- Objective is to be the first to answer as many questions as possible
- Do NOT repeatedly spam your answer
- Try to answer it as fast as possible
- Do NOT complain if you do not know the answer

Fashion Show :
- Objective is to dress up following the theme assigned by the host
- Use can use anything you want to follow the theme
- Do NOT use transformation pots , UNLESS allowed by host

Scavenger Hunt :
- Objective is to find the items shown by the host before others do
- The items can be found anywhere in maple
- Drop or trade the items to the host , depending on the host's preference
- Do NOT loot the items dropped by the host when he/she is showing

Idyllic Roulette :
- Objective is to stay away from the platform where the GM is in hide on
- This is a game of luck , so do NOT scold the GM for purposely choosing you
- Type @emo on the platform you choose
- Do NOT warp back to the event map if you are eliminated UNLESS allowed by host

[New]Survival :
- Objective is to survive the wave on monsters in the map
- Only these skills are allowed : Flash Jump , Rush , Monster Magnet
- You can use potions , but the monsters usually 1 hit KO you
- Do NOT spam Heal , you are NOT allowed to use it
- Do NOT spam FJ
- Only 10 seconds are allowed for you to be on the rope

There's an event called Musical Chairs , but it is not made famous yet .
I shall not post how to play it as yet till the GMs will make it a playable game .


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PostSubject: Re: Event Rule Book    Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:24 pm

Very Happy Musical chair is my event, if u want to know how to play i will tell you
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Event Rule Book
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