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 newbieowns/ruLers- Damage Hacking

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PostSubject: Re: newbieowns/ruLers- Damage Hacking   Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:22 am

SnowAkantor wrote:
Well, this isnt Damage Hacking.
This is Client Hacking.
iAsianxD, did something to the client and posted to the forums
P.S. It's not iAsian, it's iAsianxD's gay partner which he doesnt accept (JK :D)
They just has a fixed damage and all.
But obviously, they downloaded the client on purpose.

This is damage hacking Snow
Ive seen this kind of damage before that client
And if it was the client.. It was still hacking
So yea.. Puh
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newbieowns/ruLers- Damage Hacking
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